Electronic Medical Record Survey Results: Medscape Exclusive Readers' Choice

Leslie R. Kane, MACC


October 06, 2009

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General Responses to the EMR Survey

Do You Currently Use an EMR?

The larger the practice setting, the more likely physicians were to have an EMR. Fully 37.9% said that they currently use an EMR. Another 24.8% don't have an EMR but plan to buy one within a year or two. However, despite government efforts to promote EMR use, more than a third of physicians (37.3%) say that they don't have an EMR and don't plan to get one ( Table 1 ).

Which EMR Are You Using?

Of the physicians using an EMR, the largest group (11.3%) use Epic, followed by Allscripts (9.1%), Centricity (7.0%), e-MDs (5.2%), Next Gen (4.6%), eClinicalWorks (4.0%), Cerner (3.7%); Practice Partner (3.4%), VA CPRS (3.4%), Misys (now Allscripts) (2.7%), MediNotes (2.7%), and Amazing Charts (2.5%). Other EMRs mentioned by users were ChartLogic, TouchWorks, and in-house software. A number of respondents didn't know the name of their system ( Table 2 ).

Do You Like or Dislike Your EMR?

Although it's important to know which EMR most physicians use, it's more critical to know whether they're happy with it. Overall, the large majority of readers (69.3%) were satisfied with their EMRs and would recommend them to other physicians. Still, a sizeable group (30.7%) said that they would not recommend their EMRs. Given the expense and aggravation of EMRs, that's a significant group of dissatisfied users. Most of the disgruntled physicians plan to tough it out rather than swap it out. Exactly half of the dissatisfied physicians do not plan to switch because they've already spent too much money on the EMR. About a third (32.8%) said that they may switch at some point in the distant future, and only 17.2% will consider getting a new EMR within 2 years ( Table 3 ).


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