Accuracy and Limitations of Equations for Predicting the Glomerular Filtration Rate during Follow-up of Patients with Non-diabetic Nephropathies

Guy Rostoker; Pierre Andrivet; Isabelle Pham; Mireille Griuncelli; Serge Adnot


BMC Nephrology 

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In patients with non diabetic nephropathies (mainly glomerular diseases) and deteriorated renal function, the original Cockcroft and Gault formula, the BSA-modified Cockcroft and Gault formula, the abbreviated MDRD equation and the Mayo Quadratic equation give reliable estimates of the GFR slope with an acceptable bias. In the subgroup of patients with an improvement in renal function, these creatinine-based formulas underestimate the gain in GFR although this may have less important clinical consequences.


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