Challenges in the Management of Exercise-induced Asthma

William Storms, MD


Expert Rev Clin Immunol. 2009;5(3) 

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One of the most common triggers for patients with asthma is exercise or physical activity, and it is important for physicians to understand the best methods of diagnosing and treating EIA. However, transient EIB also may occur in isolation, without other regular symptoms of asthma. EIB is particularly prevalent in athletes, and its appropriate diagnosis and management is critical so that these individuals can participate in their chosen sports. The question of whether EIB is a distinct entity or whether it is a subtype of asthma has not been settled. However, the diagnosis and management of both EIA and EIB are similar. Symptom-based diagnoses should be confirmed by challenge testing, and treatment should include controller medication for most patients. Appropriate management should allow almost any patient to exercise at whatever level they desire.


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