Standardized Natural Product Cannabis in Pain Management and Observations at a Canadian Compassion Society: A Case Report

A. Paul Hornby; Manju Sharma; Bree Stegman


Cases J. 2009;2:7487 

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Abstract and Introduction


An adult Caucasian male with excruciating pains following multiple traumas was monitored, daily, over one year while managing chronic pain by self-administering quantifiable amounts of natural cannabis. Tetrahydrocannabinol, Cannabidiol, and Cannabinol were all measured in tinctures, capsules, smoke-able product plus some baked goods, prior to their administration. By allowing standardization, the subject was able to develop a daily regimen of pain management that was resistant to a battery of most patent analgesics.


The chronic pain resulting from a severe on-the-job injury is a frustrating experience both for the patient as well as the treating physician and leads to chronic dependence on opiate painkillers and anti-depressants. However the relief of pain may be less desired if quality of life of such individuals is poor. The physician and the patients are left with no option but to resort to alternative modes of therapy. Cannabis has been documented to be one of such measures, especially in advanced cases of cancer.[1] It holds an enormous potential as medicines derived from cannabis plant exhibit a phenomenon termed strain specific symptom relief. It has been documented to be of proven value in arthritis and multiple sclerosis; however no controlled clinical trial for its use in chronic intolerable pain is reported. Hence, this case report. The person involved in this study is a member of the Green Cross Society of British Columbia, which has Federal tax number to distribute cannabis for medical purposes. The Society provides natural product (cannabis, herbal medicine) to its qualified members.


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