Cisplatin Ototoxicity in Children: Implications for Primary Care Providers

Jessica Helt-Cameron, MSN, MA, RN; Patricia Jackson Allen, MS, RN, PNP, FAAN


Pediatr Nurs. 2009;35(2):121-127. 

In This Article


A literature review investigating cisplatin ototoxicity in children and childhood cancer survivors was conducted. The Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL, 1990-2008), PsychINFO (1967-2008), Ovid Medline (1990-2008), Google Scholar (© 2008), and Google (© 2008) databases were searched for all human studies and review articles published in English that included one or more of the following key words or search terms: “cisplatin,” “ototoxicity,” “hearing loss,” “hearing impairment,” “sensorineural hearing loss,” “children,” “cancer,” “childhood cancer,” and “childhood cancer survivors.” Articles found were reviewed and included if they pertained to ototoxicity that occurred as a consequence of cisplatin treatment for childhood cancer. Ancestry searching of the references of these pertinent articles was also performed. Articles that referenced cisplatin ototoxicity in adults with cancer were excluded.