Transitions of Care Consensus Policy Statement: American College of Physicians, Society of General Internal Medicine, Society of Hospital Medicine, American Geriatrics Society, American College of Emergency Physicians, and Society for Academic Emergency Medicine

Vincenza Snow, MD; Dennis Beck, MD; Tina Budnitz, MPH; Doriane C. Miller, MD; Jane Potter, MD; Robert L. Wears, MD; Kevin B. Weiss, MD, MPH; Mark V. Williams, MD


August 13, 2009

In This Article


In the fall/winter of 2006, the executive committees of ACP, SGIM, and SHM agreed to jointly develop a policy statement on transitions of care. Transitions of care specifically between the inpatient and outpatient settings were selected as an ideal topic for collaboration for the 3 societies as they represent the continuum of care for internal medicine within these settings. To accomplish this, the 3 organizations decided to convene a consensus conference to develop consensus guidelines and standards concerning transitions between inpatient and outpatient settings through a multi-stakeholder process. A steering committee was convened with representatives from ACP, SGIM, SHM, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), ABIM, and the American Geriatric Society (AGS). The steering committee developed the agenda and invitee list for the consensus conference. After the conference was held, the steering committee was expanded to include representation from the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM).

During the planning stages of the TOCCC, the steering committee became aware of the SUTTP Alliance of the ABIM Foundation. The SUTTP Alliance has representation from medical specialties such as internal medicine and its subspecialties, family medicine, and surgery. The alliance was formed in 2006 and has been working on care coordination across multiple settings and specialties. The SUTTP Alliance had developed a set of principles and standards for care transitions and agreed to provide the draft document to the TOCCC for review, input, and further development and refinement.


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