Estimating the Short-term Clinical and Economic Benefits of Smoking Cessation: Do We Have it Right?

Joseph Menzin; Lisa M Lines; Jeno Marton


Expert Rev Pharmacoeconomics Outcomes Res. 2009;9(3):257-264. 

In This Article

Five-year View

The policy and social welfare implications of focusing on the short term need to be carefully considered given that smoking cessation is clearly cost effective in the long term. We predict that a short-term perspective will continue to be the norm in the USA in calculating the benefits of smoking cessation from an employer or payer perspective. However, national health systems, such as the NHS, are able to focus on the longer term, leading to more and better smoking-cessation coverage, with great results. As the USA considers expanding the government's role in paying for healthcare, it is imperative that policymakers consider the time horizon used in calculating the return on investment for smoking-cessation therapy.


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