Mohammad KA Basra; Muhammad Shahrukh


Expert Rev Pharmacoeconomics Outcomes Res. 2009;9(3):271-283. 

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Urticaria can have a significant impact upon the QoL of the patient. A number of psychological effects have been associated with chronic urticaria including: anxiety, depression, embarrassment, self-consciousness, frustration and other psychosomatic symptoms.[143] Patients report problems relating to housework, cooking, gardening and the temperature adjustment of the house.[143] Clothing and footwear choices may be restricted, possibly due to the pressure effect of tight-fitting wears aggravating the lesions. Some patients avoid certain food products. Since exercise may provoke urticaria in some patients, many tend to avoid exercise. Other aspects of patients' lives which could be affected include social life, mobility, sleep and sexual relationships.[143] Urticaria is also known to affect work, which might range from a reduced performance at work to actually losing a day from work.[143]


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