Female Sexual Function and the Pelvic Floor

Sarit O. Aschkenazi;   Roger P. Goldberg


Expert Rev of Obstet Gynecol. 2009;4(2):165-178. 

In This Article

AI & Female Sexual Dysfunction

There are limited data regarding the association between AI and FSD providing conflicting results[40,41]. A well-designed case-control study aimed to examine the long-term association between AI and sexual dysfunction following obstetric anal sphincter laceration, adjusted for aging and menopause[42]. In the 104 women whose questionnaires were completed and available for analysis, there was a significant increase in anorectal symptoms in the case group compared with the controls, without being affected by menopause status. Pain with intercourse was similarly significantly elevated in the cases versus the controls (29 vs 13%), with reports of coital AI in 13 versus 1%.


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