Sexuality in the Aging Couple, Part II: The Aging Male

Irwin W. Kuzmarov, MD, FRCSC; Jerald Bain, BScPhm, MD, MSc, FRCPC


Geriatrics and Aging. 2009;12(1):53-57. 

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Although the aging process is associated with many changes--both physiologic and psychosocial--in men and women, it in no way precludes continued sexual activity. Sexual relations in aging couples are an important source of gratification within the relationship. It is important for primary care physicians to discuss sexual issues in their annual visits. Be aware of the changes and the etiology and management of sexual dysfunction, and be aware of the resources available to patients.

The impact of publicity surrounding the PDE-5 inhibitors has brought sex into the public domain. It has allowed couples to seek help and begin to express their concerns. Many studies have shown the high incidence of sexual dysfunction in patients visiting their family physicians. It is essential that physicians be aware of the potential problems in couples of a sexual nature, and be prepared to allocate the time to approach the subject, and deal with the issues.[17]


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