The Asian Dermatologic Patient: Review of Common Pigmentary Disorders and Cutaneous Diseases

Stephanie G.Y. Ho; Henry H.L. Chan


Am J Clin Dermatol. 2009;10(3):153-168. 

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8. Conclusion

With evolving demographics, there will be an increasing number of Asians presenting to dermatology outpatient clinics. Increased epidermal melanin is photoprotective against UV damage. However, it is also responsible for causing several pigmentary conditions that can be particularly troublesome to Asians in their quest for fair porcelain skin. Management of Asian skin requires different considerations than when dealing with Caucasian skin, and development of laser technology that protects epidermal melanin from damage makes laser surgery increasingly safe in skin of color. Awareness of cutaneous disorders that are common or particular to skin of color is also important, especially for clinicians who work in areas with a large Asian community.