Legal Aspects of Men's Genitourinary Health

J. Henning; S. Waxman


Int J Impot Res. 2009;21(3):165–170 

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Testis Cancer

Testis cancer may present in an advanced stage due to its fast doubling time, misdiagnosis by other physicians and patient embarrassment. Claims relating to testis cancer are similar to that of other urologic malignancies.[2,4] Reasons for delay and misdiagnosis include: failure to examine the testes, equivocal exam due to body habitus, hydrocele or epididymitis. If one cannot adequately manually evaluate the testes, further imaging is necessary to rule out a testis mass. An intratesticular mass should prompt an emergent urologic referral. A complete workup of testis cancer is beyond the scope of this article. Patient's treated for epididymitis must be seen in follow-up not only to ensure resolution of symptoms, but also to make sure there is not an underlying testis mass. Claims have been made by patients who were treated with multiple courses of antibiotics for presumed epididymitis who in fact had testicular carcinoma.[17]


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