Obesity-Related Nephropathy in Children

Carolyn L. Abitbol; Maria M. Rodríguez


Pediatr Health. 2009;3(2):141-153. 

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Future Perspective

If the current epidemic of obesity-related morbidities is to be curtailed, education and enlistment of communities in the effort will need to occur. Prevention of obesity should begin in infancy and medical management should begin in early childhood. It is particularly important to study infants and children in an attempt to recognize critical windows during early life in which programming may occur. Ultimately, these may become the potential windows for therapeutic interventions aimed to prevent late onset of disease. Prospective investigations into the genetic and environmental origins of low nephron mass, insulin resistance, obesity and focal glomerulosclerosis should begin in the perinatal period with tracking throughout childhood, especially in ethnic populations. Early clinical evaluations of high-risk infants and children should include tests to detect early hyperfiltration and microalbuminuria.