A 35-Year-Old Man With Kaposi's Sarcoma

Gary Goldenberg, MD


April 24, 2009

Clinical Presentation


A 35-year-old black man.


A 35-year-old black man was seen in consultation for new growths on his nose and trunk. These lesions had increased in size over several months but otherwise were asymptomatic. He had no history of treatment of these lesions. The patient was HIV-positive but was not receiving any treatment at the time of consultation.

Physical Examination

Physical examination revealed multiple erythematous to violaceous papules and infiltrated plaques on the face (Figure 1) and chest. These lesions were nontender to palpation. There was no evidence of bleeding or infection. A biopsy was performed.

Figure 1. Erythematous to violaceous plaques on the face.


Figure 2. Low-power (a) and high-power (b) views show a dermal spindle-cell neoplasm forming multiple slit-like vessels which contain erythrocytes.


The patient was diagnosed with Kaposi's sarcoma (KS.)


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