Treatment of Depression in Diabetes: an Update

Frank Petrak; Stephan Herpertz


Curr Opin Psychiatry. 2009;22(2):211-217. 

In This Article

What do we Need to Know to Improve Treatment of Depression in Diabetes?

We do not know very much about the mechanisms of action for positive treatment effects; better knowledge could stimulate the development of new treatment options. We need to learn more about the usefulness of specific interventions. Regarding pharmacological treatments, the question remains as to whether better outcomes for medical variables would be possible through the use of other substances. With respect to mixed treatments, we do not know what the effective components are. We should try to adjust our treatments for different subgroups of patients. Finally, we have literally no data to answer the question of what are the best treatments among effective treatments; this is a question that can be clarified only in comparison trials.


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