Multiple Sclerosis: A Therapeutic Overview

Mark H. J. Litzinger, BSc, BSc Pharm, RPh; Monica Litzinger, BSc, BSc Pharm, RPh


US Pharmacist. 2009;34(1):HS3-HS9. 

In This Article


MS has long been known, yet diagnosis remains difficult due to the complexity of the disease and its wide array of signs and symptoms. Treating MS still relies on symptomatic relief, but therapeutic advances in the form of DMDs have shown promising results. Although research in MS has been evolving rapidly, there still remains no cure for the disease. Pharmacists can play a vital role by understanding the complexity of MS and being able to rule out differential diagnosis when patients present to the practice setting. As well as being drug experts, pharmacists should be able to counsel patients on DMDs, as these medications are quite complicated and overwhelming to many patients.


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