Sexuality in the Aging Couple, Part I: The Aging Woman

Irwin W. Kuzmarov, MD, FRCSC; Jerald Bain, BScPhm, MD, MSc, FRCPC, CertEndo, BA


Geriatrics and Aging. 2008;11(10):589-594. 

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Sources of Androgens in Women

In premenopause, serum testosterone is derived from multiple sources, described in Table 3 .[25] The sources of serum testosterone in postmenopause are presented in Table 4 . Total testosterone production (ng/dl) is reduced in postmenopause, as shown in Table 5 .[25]

These changes in testosterone availability, coupled with an increased loss of libido among postmenopausal women as well as women with surgical menopause or adrenal insufficiency, have served as a background to studies of testosterone therapy in these settings.


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