The Patient-centered Medical Home Movement — Promise and Peril for Family Medicine

John C. Rogers, MD, MPH, MEd


J Am Board Fam Med. 2008;21(5):370-374. 

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The PCMH movement offers us a defining moment in the development, evolution, and even survival of our field. I think this opportunity blends our core values of what we do in clinical care, our beliefs about equity and justice in health care, and our self-image as counter-culture and change agents. Forty years ago some visionaries saw clearly the needs of their patients and communities and said there is a better way.[16] Today many other voices have joined our ancestors to say that medical care can be better, it must be better. Let us honor our past, stand strong for our beliefs, and help the system see the wisdom of the PCMH and a strong primary care base, for the benefit of our patients and our communities.


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