Incidental Placental Choriocarcinoma in a Term Pregnancy: A Case Report

Christopher Chung; Ming-Shian Kao; Deborah Gersell


J Med Case Reports 

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Pathologic Findings

The placenta measured 15 × 16 × up to 4 cm with a trimmed weight of 530 grams and was notable only for a 3 cm cyst-like area on cut section. Microscopic examination showed a choriocarcinoma with a biphasic proliferation of atypical and mitotically active cytotrophoblast and syncytiotrophoblast notable for extensive involvement of villi, many completely encompassed by collars of neoplastic trophoblast. Some villi were partially involved with a transition from normal to neoplastic trophoblast. There was no involvement of villous stromal vessels. The tumor showed extensive central necrosis in which the ghost-like outlines of necrotic villi could be discerned. The remainder of the placenta was mature, showing only focal villous edema.


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