The Magnet View: Pursuing ANCC Magnet Recognition as a System or Individual Organization

Sueellen Pinkerton, PhD, RN, FAAN


Nurs Econ. 2008;26(5):323-324. 

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Many organizations face the decision of whether to pursue Magnet designation through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program® by individual organization or as a system. Achieving Magnet recognition as a system is a great accomplishment, just as achieving it as an individual organization is a great accomplishment. Several factors must be considered by those organizations making the decision, and these factors can be grouped and reviewed using the recently released empirical model for the Magnet Recognition Program (ANCC, 2008). In addition, there are guidelines for organizations submitting as systems published by ANCC (2005) in the application manual.

The model has five components and retains the 14 Forces of Magnetism as the foundation of the program. The five components are:

  1. Transformational Leadership. Leadership that leads people to where they need to be to meet the demands of the future.

  2. Structural Empowerment. A variety of structures and programs, such as the strategic plan, systems, policies, and programs, including the community, that develop, direct, and empower the staff to accomplish the organizational goals and achieve desired outcomes.

  3. Exemplary Professional Practice. Establishment of strong professional practice and what the professional practice can achieve.

  4. New Knowledge, Innovation, and Improvements. The ethical and professional responsibility that Magnet organizations have to contribute to patient care, the organization, and the profession in terms of new knowledge, innovations, and improvements.

  5. Empirical Quality Results. Magnet-recognized organizations can be pioneers of the future and demonstrate solutions to numerous health care problems through such methods as innovative structures and processes.

Factors that might be a consideration by those organizations making the decision to pursue Magnet recognition, grouped by components of the model, follow.


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