Evaluation of Electromagnetic Incompatibility Concerns for Deep Brain Stimulators

Kelly Dustin


J Neurosci Nurs. 2008;40(5):299-303. 

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Ongoing research regarding electromagnetic interactions with medical devices is necessary, as is educating patients about potential interactions before they consent to placement of DBS. Some people with DBS experience daily problems with EMI. EMI does not appear to present an immediate safety issue or device malfunction for people with DBS. However, the absence of sound research on the effects of EMI for DBS does not permit excluding it as a potential health concern. This and the lack of long-term data on DBS therapy warrant further research. Meanwhile, healthcare professionals who care for patients with Parkinson disease who have DBS should routinely educate these patients about potential interactions and report their findings to the manufacturer and to the FDA to help promote public health and safety.


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