A Primary Care Perspective on Keloids

Steven Davidson, MD, DDS; Nasir Aziz, MD, MA, PGY-1; Rashid M. Rashid, MD, PhD, PGY-2; Amor Khachemoune, MD, CWS


Medscape J Med. 2009;11(1):18 

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Keloids are a common presenting complaint in the primary care clinic. This condition presents a formidable challenge, as recurrence is often difficult to prevent despite use of multiple therapeutic interventions. Part of the reason for the absence of a definitive treatment is the incomplete understanding of the pathogenesis of keloid formation, which creates a frustrating situation for both physician and patient. Here we review the most recent literature on the clinical features, pathogenesis, and management of keloids, with special emphasis on the unique challenges faced by primary care physicians.

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