Determinants of Female Sexual Function in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Survey Based Cross-sectional Analysis

Antje Timmer; Daniela Kemptner; Alexandra Bauer; Angela Takses; Claudia Ott; Alois Fürst


BMC Gastroenterol 

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In summary, while low sexual function is common in women with IBD, no specific disease related characteristics were identified. Rather, as in women without chronic disease, psychosocial factors play a predominant role. While our data provide some basis for patient counselling, the existence and relevance of sexual problems and any need for therapy should be determined individually in sympathetic patient-doctor interviews, if the patient wishes to do so. Often, treatment of mood disorders might be more important than specific sexual therapy. With respect to the most common specific sexual problem, insufficient lubrication, our study provides yet another reason to advice patients with Crohn's disease against smoking.

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