Give Them a Hand: Patients With Hand and Foot Psoriasis Require Special Attention

Linda Daus, RN, CCRC


Dermatology Nursing. 2008;20(4):291-293. 

In This Article


Patients with hand and foot psoriasis should be viewed by dermatology professionals as a unique and distinct subpopulation, because the therapies often used to treat generalized psoriasis have achieved only modest success in the treatment of hand and foot psoriasis (Fretzin et al., 2006). Fortunately, there is hope for patients with hand and foot psoriasis thanks to newer treatment options such as efalizumab. While there is no cure for psoriasis, dermatology professionals who focus on the special needs of their patients with hand and foot psoriasis can manage these individuals successfully and provide them with a better quality of life psychologically, emotionally, and physically.


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