Advances in the Treatment of Intermediate and Posterior Uveitis

Samantha Fraser-Bell; Carlos Pavesio


Expert Rev Ophthalmol. 2008;3(4):449-456. 

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Five-year View

We are still looking for the magic bullet, a form of therapy that will be specific for the problem we are dealing with without causing side effects of any significance. The recent advances have taken us a step further and it is possible that the next 5 years will get us even closer. A better understanding of the role of proinflammatory mediators will result in the identification of new targets for specific therapy. New immunosuppressive agents with a better toxicity profile are also being tested and will be added to our therapeutic options. Topical therapy with a far superior penetration and intraocular effect and noninvasive, trans-scleral modalities of drug delivery are under investigation.


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