Healing Iraq One Book at a Time: Medical Texts and Periodical Donations to Iraqi Healthcare Professionals

CPT Eileen Gillespie, RN


Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing eJournal. 2008;8(3) 

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How to Donate

General Information About Making Donations: You may inquire directly to David Gifford, MD, at dgifford@hot.rr.com , for information regarding all donations. Dr. Gifford keeps a constantly updated directory of contacts and addresses in Iraq of those who wish to receive medical and nursing donations.

What Is Needed: Medical/dental/physician assistant/veterinary/pharmacy publications: In general, publications most needed now are specialty medical, surgical, pharmacy, dental, and veterinary texts, no more than one edition out of date (nothing published before 2004, please). Basic and well-respected journals are needed, such as The New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, Annals of Internal Medicine, American Journal of Surgery, Pediatrics, American Family Physician, and similar journals in the veterinary, PA, pharmacy, dental, and technological fields.

For journals, full volumes rather than random issues are best, and editions on CD or DVD are welcome. Most appreciated are current journals, published no longer than 3-4 years ago. Please remove personal identification and addresses from journals. (This latter request comes from Iraq. Journals are passed around and the addresses could come into the possession of persons not for whom they were intended.)

Nursing: There is a great cultural difference between Iraqi nursing and nursing care in the West, so texts and journals focusing on clinical education and nursing fundamentals will be helpful as new nursing programs are just beginning. In addition, advanced practice nursing journals and texts focusing on treatment guidelines will assist Iraqi physicians greatly and are welcome and valued.

Readers wishing to contact CPT Gillespie directly may do so at eileen.gillespie@us.army.mil .

CPT Ben Kenion, OT, may be reached at benjamin.kenion@us.army.mil .


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