Limited Access Dressing

Pramod Kumar, MS, MCh, DNB


Wounds. 2008;20(2):49-59. 

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The wound isolation and safe disposal of infected materials associated with Limited Access Dressing usage helps reduce hospital-acquired infections. It is believed that the LAD minimizes multi-drug resistant bacterial infection and is treated more effectively by physical agents (eg, photon energy, ultrasound, and changes in osmosis and pH) within the closed space of the LAD.

Effective infection control under LAD may be exploited to start radiotherapy and chemotherapy relatively early on in the postoperative period. Preparation of irra-diated wounds for surgery with LAD is quicker than that of conventional dressing techniques (Figure 8).

Intermittent negative pressure with the LAD II may be used to treat DVT prophylaxis.[46] Continuous intra-LAD cold saline irrigation may be useful in controlling malignant hyperthermia.


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