Limited Access Dressing

Pramod Kumar, MS, MCh, DNB


Wounds. 2008;20(2):49-59. 

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The age range was 3.5 months to 86 years (median 32 years) and male to female ratio was 4.57 to 1.Wound etiologies that were studied are shown in Table 1 . Twentyfour of 39 wounds were located on lower extremities, 13 wounds on upper extremities, and the remaining 2 on the torso.Twelve cases had exposed avascular structures (bone [5], tendons [5], bone and joint [1], bone and tendon [1]). On average, wounds were 21.56 days old and required an average of 1.51 LADs (range 1-3) to prepare the wound properly for skin grafting.The average number of days required to prepare the wound under LAD was 17.05 days.

All 39 wounds were treated with one LAD application with 100% graft take. In one case graft take was 95% and required repeated LAD preparation for 10 days to achieve healthy granulation tissue and subsequent 100% graft take. On average, 1.03 LAD applications were required to cover wounds with a skin graft (range 1 to 2; median 1).

Twenty-four of 39 wounds were treated with conventional dressings for more than 7 days. In these cases, an average of 33.83 days, conventional dressing (range 7 to 120 days; median 22.5 days) could not achieve healthy granulation suitable for skin grafting.These wounds were switched to LAD wound preparation and took an average of 13.2 days (range 3 to 32 days; median 12 days) to develop granulation appropriate for grafting.The average number of LADs required to prepare these wounds was 1.46.


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