Limited Access Dressing

Pramod Kumar, MS, MCh, DNB


Wounds. 2008;20(2):49-59. 

In This Article


Thirty-nine cases of wounds that underwent splitthickness skin grafting that were covered with LAD II were performed (between July 2004 and March 2005) were studied.Wounds that were either not prepared by LAD II, in cases where the resurfacing was done with a skin flap, or skin grafting was not done under LAD II, were not studied.The case sheets of these patients were reviewed and personal data, diagnosis, treatment method, time taken to treat the wound or to get the desired effects and outcome were noted (time to appearance of healthy granulation tissue judged by color, amount of exudate, and amount of graft take by day 10 if grafted under LAD), and results were analyzed.


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