Scabies: Molecular Perspectives and Therapeutic Implications in the Face of Emerging Drug Resistance

Kate E. Mounsey; Deborah C. Holt; James McCarthy; Bart J. Currie; Shelley F. Walton


Future Microbiol. 2008;3(1):57-66. 

In This Article

Acaricide Resistance: Clinical & In Vitro Observations

Traditionally, treatment failures for scabies are attributed to incorrect application of the acaricide, or failure to treat contacts leading to reinfestation. However, there are now reports of treatment failures linked with drug resistance. Of particular concern is the potential emergence of resistance to the two major acaricides - permethrin and ivermectin. In addition, resistance to other acaricides, such as lindane and crotamiton, have also been reported worldwide.[31,32,33]


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