Systemic and Ophthalmic Manifestations of West Nile Virus Infection

Yos Priestley; Marcia Thiel; Steven B. Koevary


Expert Rev Ophthalmol. 2008;3(3):279-292. 

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Ocular Manifestations of Infection

While the systemic manifestations of WNV infections have been well studied, ocular involvement was only first identified in 2003. The most commonly reported ocular features of infection include: linearly arranged or scattered chorioretinal lesions, anterior uveitis, retinal vasculitis, optic neuritis and vitritis.[29,56,59,60,61] Less commonly, patients exhibit neuroophthalmological findings such as nystagmus,[21,62,63] abducens nerve palsy,[56,62] optic disc edema[55] and absence of a corneal reflex.[21] Patients were also reported to present with blurred vision, floaters, redness, visual field defects and diplopia.[61,62] Ocular symptoms of WNV are generally self-limited, but in some notable cases reduced visual acuity and field loss may persist.[12,60,61,64,65]


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