Why I Continue to Work for a Magnetized Hospital

Simone Cheong CMSRN, BSN, MSHSA


June 13, 2008

Since the first day I stepped into South Miami Hospital nearly 13 years ago, I have felt at home. Coming from Canada, only 2 years out of nursing school, I could not have been more welcomed and nurtured. I had a wonderful orientation process, knowledgeable preceptors, and a supportive clinician and leadership team. As I have grown personally and professionally, this same support has carried through.

Over the years, I have seen and been a part of many supportive processes for nurses: from the orientation of staff nurses new to our hospital, to the orientation of brand new nurses into the wonderful profession of nursing. I have been afforded opportunities to attend and participate in a multitude of educational offerings put out by the Organizational Learning Department, including co-authoring a self-study packet on End of Life Issues. I have been able to participate in the performance improvement process on many occasions through data collection and calculation. I have also been associated with the Interdisciplinary Research Council for many years. I obtained my Master's in Health Service Administration while working full time. I have achieved a great many things while here at South Miami Hospital...and then I got magnetized!

When the outstanding opportunity to achieve Magnet status presented itself, I jumped on the bandwagon. I helped create posters and promoted Magnetism to my fellow staff nurses. I was excited to assist in the showcasing of what the hospital had achieved. Going through the Magnet process allowed the hospital to shine. It provided the hospital with a formalized way to be proud of all that it did (and still does) for the profession of nursing. When we as a hospital were going through the categories of Magnetism, we realized just how much we already did to promote and support the profession of nursing.

I am proud to work for a hospital and health system that does so much to nurture and sustain its nurses and being MAGNETIZED made me even more proud and even more determined to continue to work for and dedicate myself to South Miami Hospital and to Baptist Health.


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