Mechanism and Emergency Management of Blast Eye/Orbital Injuries

Sabri T Shuker


Expert Rev Ophthalmol. 2008;3(2):229-246. 

In This Article

Mine Eye Blast Injuries

Mines continue to injure civilians and soldiers not only during conflict but long after a ceasefire; with no differention between a child and a soldier.[55–58,104] A study of 84 patients aged 19–56 years who sustained mine blast injuries during mine clearing operations in Afghanistan from November 1992 to January 1996 was carried out by Muzaffar et al. in 2000.[59] It was observed that 51 out of 84 patients (60.7%) had sustained ocular trauma of a variable degree as a result of the blasts. A total of 91 eyes from 51 patients (89.2%) had been damaged. Bilateralism of damage was seen in 40 (78.4%) patients. In total, 34 eyes (37.3%) became completely blind. The prevalence of blindness caused by mine blast injuries is quite high.


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