Sexual Function in Gynecologic Cancer Survivors

Alison Amsterdam; Michael Krychman


Expert Rev of Obstet Gynecol. 2008;3(3):331-337. 

In This Article

Expert Commentary and Five-year View

Although the field of sexual medicine has been present for decades, the combination with the newly emerging oncology subspecialty of survivorship is still in its infancy. For many, cancer care still focuses around the three Cs: cure, contain and comfort. As patients are living longer, quality-of-life concerns have become of higher importance than solely the above alliteration. There is a large media focus on the topic of survivorship with the advent of organizations such as the Lance Armstrong Foundation. As a result, patients are more comfortable bringing their sexual health issues to healthcare providers. We must be prepared to address their concerns by, at the very least, being able to refer them to consultants and programs in their vicinities that have the resources to diagnose and treat sexual dysfunction in this specialized population. And over time, we predict that the number and availability of these programs will increase to accommodate the increasing number of women who are free of and live with cancer


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