Sexual Function in Gynecologic Cancer Survivors

Alison Amsterdam; Michael Krychman


Expert Rev of Obstet Gynecol. 2008;3(3):331-337. 

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The combination of anatomic, physiologic, psychological and social changes following gynecologic cancer treatment poses difficult and multifaceted problems for clinicians as treatments improve and the number of survivors increase. A comprehensive sexual medicine evaluation combined with sexual rehabilitation therapeutics can promote healthy sexual functioning with individualized treatment plans utilizing a multidisciplinary sexual healthcare team. Therapy should be tailored towards the patient's wishes in light of her disease stage and prognosis, age, marital status, fertility concerns and social environment. Further clinical trials need to be performed to study the efficacy and/or risks of hormonal manipulation drugs, nonhormonal medications, sexual enhancers, manual stimulatory devices and, finally, sexuality in the palliative care setting.


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