HIV/AIDS-Related Knowledge Among Malaysian Young Adults: Findings From a Nationwide Survey

Li-Ping Wong; Caroline-Kwong Leng Chin; Wah-Yun Low; Nasruddin Jaafar


Medscape J Med. 2008;10(6):148 

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The findings served to illuminate important points about the knowledge of young Malaysians regarding HIV/AIDS. There are significant gaps in their knowledge about HIV/AIDS prevention and transmission along with some misconceptions. Such inadequate knowledge may place young Malaysians at risk for HIV infection. The data from this survey could be a useful guide in the development of campaigns or programs designed to convey accurate information about HIV transmission routes and prevention strategies and to dispel erroneous beliefs about HIV. A media campaign to increase knowledge and change the attitudes of Malaysian youth is imperative, with specific emphasis on the most disadvantaged and neglected segments of the population.


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