Detection of Nickel Sensitivity Has Increased in North American Patch-Test Patients

Robert L. Rietschel; Joseph F. Fowler; Erin M. Warshaw; Donald Belsito; Vincent A. DeLeo; Howard I. Maibach; James G. Marks; C.G. Toby Mathias; Melanie Pratt; Denis Sasseville; Frances J. Storrs; James S. Taylor; Kathryn A. Zug


Dermatitis. 2008;19(1):16-19. 

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Our data do not show a decrease in nickel allergy among patients of either sex who were 18 years of age or younger; instead, a slight increase is nickel sensitivity is seen. It is unclear if the increase that we are reporting is due to the popularity of body piercing or to a change in the popularity of one alloy over another. The North American Contact Dermatitis Group has recently changed our data collection instrument to include a question about the number of piercings an individual has. We hope this will allow us to determine if this is the basis for our observation. At present, we can only speculate as to the reason for the increase. The trend confirms the ongoing importance of this allergen in North America.

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