Propofol-Related Infusion Syndrome in Intensive Care Patients

Stephanie Mallow Corbett, PharmD; Isaac D. Montoya, PhD; Frederick A. Moore, MD


Pharmacotherapy. 2008;28(2) 

In This Article


Many questions about propofol-related infusion syndrome remain. Can clinical and biologic markers be used to predict which patients may be at risk for developing the syndrome, which strategies should be implemented for prevention and treatment, and what is the pathogenesis of this syndrome? In addition, differences among the four propofol products on the market and the likelihood that a particular agent may predispose an individual to develop propofol-related infusion syndrome must be evaluated. Finally, the high mortality rate, together with the relative youth of the affected patient population, raises concerns regarding the clinical outcomes associated with propofol. This area requires further evaluation. To address all of these issues, research is being conducted to obtain descriptive data regarding the use of propofol in ICUs and to establish the prevalence of this syndrome.


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