Treating Multiple Sclerosis With Monoclonal Antibodies

Mathias Buttman, MD; Peter Rieckmann, MD, FRCPC


Expert Rev Neurother. 2008;8(3):433-455. 

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Systematic Nomenclature of Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies

The systematic name of a mAb may be a tongue-twister. However it always provides information about the disease group it was originally developed for and about its species source(s). The prefix of the name is unique for each Ab and most often has no deeper sense. The second part explains which disease group the Ab was originally developed for, such as -tu(m)- for tumor therapy. The consonant in brackets is used only if the next syllable begins with a vowel. The third part explains which species the mAb was derived from, using the first vowel occurring in the species name. The name of the mAb always ends with the syllable -mab, which stands for monoclonal antibody. Table 2 provides a key for understanding the naming of mAbs together with the mAbs covered in this review.


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