Treating Multiple Sclerosis With Monoclonal Antibodies

Mathias Buttman, MD; Peter Rieckmann, MD, FRCPC


Expert Rev Neurother. 2008;8(3):433-455. 

In This Article

Drugs Currently Approved for Multiple Sclerosis Therapy

A number of disease-modifying drugs with partial efficacy for patients with relapsing MS became available during the past 15 years, allowing efficient control of disease activity during long-term treatment in a significant proportion of patients. All of these drugs mainly target the inflammatory component of the disease. Unfortunately, there is still no approved medication available for patients with a primary progressive disease course. Novel drugs, such as the mAbs covered in this review and certain oral immunomodulators, are currently under advanced clinical investigation in Phase III programs, raising realistic hopes in MS patients and their physicians for further therapeutic progress during the next few years. See Table 1 for currently approved disease-modifying MS therapeutics.


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