Prognosis and Serum Creatinine Levels In Acute Renal Failure at the Time of Nephrology Consultation: An Observational Cohort Study

Jose Ramon Perez-Valdivieso; Maira Bes-Rastrollo; Pablo Monedero; Jokin de Irala; Francisco Javier Lavilla


BMC Nephrology 

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At the same degree of severity of kidney injury and comorbid illnesses, while controlling for other potential confounders, ARF patients with a relative increase of ≥ 101% in the baseline creatinine at the time of the nephrology consultation was an independent predictor of mortality and worse prognosis. The calculation of relative serum creatinine increase could be used as a precise and useful tool in the daily general medical practice, and may be an effective tool to identify those patients who would benefit from an intensive therapy. However, further investigation about timing in nephrology consultation is needed to provide robust knowledge about treatment and prognosis in ARF.

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