Analgesics Use And ESRD In Younger Age: A Case-control Study

Fokke J van der Woude; Lothar AJ Heinemann; Helmut Graf; Michael Lewis; Sabine Moehner; Anita Assmann; Doerthe Kühl-Habich


BMC Nephrology 

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We found no clinically meaningful evidence for an increased risk of ESRD associated with use of phenacetin-free analgesics in single or combined formulation. The apparent risk increase shown in a small subgroup with extreme lifetime dose of analgesics is most likely an indirect, non-causal association. This hypothesis, however, cannot be confirmed or refuted within our case-control study. Overall, our results lend support to the mounting evidence that phenacetin-free analgesics do not induce ESRD and that the notion of "analgesic nephropathy" needs to be re-evaluated.

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