Blue-Jean Button Nickel: Prevalence and Prevention of Its Release From Buttons

Tina Suneja; Katherine H. Flanagan; Dee Anna Glaser


Dermatitis. 2007;18(4):208-211. 

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Nickel-sensitive patients may be able to wear blue jeans. Our study showed that there is significant variability of nickel content in metal buttons between and in jeans of differing brands and that testing metal buttons with a dimethylglyoxime kit may help patients detect nickel in metal buttons prior to purchase. Patients may consider looking for preworn jeans, given the lower nickel content in metal buttons on preworn blue jeans. The application of clear nail polish to the buttons may help avoid allergic contact dermatitis in nickel-sensitive patients. A limitation of this study is the small number of buttons on new jeans studied, and the impact of higher temperatures, friction, and sweat on the nail polish-coated buttons was not clinically assessed. A future study of the effectiveness of clear nail polish in the prevention of nickel dermatitis in the context of these aggravating factors would be useful, as would an investigation of the incidence of contact dermatitis from nail polish.

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