Reexamining Syphilis: An Update on Epidemiology, Clinical Manifestations, and Management

Molly E Kent, PharmD; Frank Romanelli, PharmD MPH BCPS


The Annals of Pharmacotherapy. 2008;42(2):226-236. 

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Syphilis rates have increased dramatically in recent years, with a large percentage of this increase occurring among MSM and patients coinfected with HIV. Penicillin remains the treatment of choice today with different dosage forms and duration of therapy recommended for the 4 distinct stages of this disease. There are limited therapeutic options for patients with penicillin allergies. Diagnosis and management of patients infected with both syphilis and HIV are challenging due to the altered presentation of syphilis and the unique interplay between the 2 disease processes. To continue to combat the increasing prevalence of this disease, increased clinical vigilance is needed to identify patients at risk for syphilis and to screen, diagnose, and treat them appropriately.

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