A Case of Primary Lymphoma of the Bladder Managed With Multimodal Therapy

Kaya Horasanli; * Mustafa Kadihasanoglu; Oznur Tas Aksakal; Aysim Ozagari and Cengiz Miroglu


Nat Clin Pract Urol. 2008;5(3):167-70. 

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If a bladder tumor with uncommon histopathological features is found, lymphoma should be excluded. In the presented case, the diagnosis of primary bladder lymphoma was made after excluding a systemic hematological malignancy. Primary lymphoma of the bladder with hydronephrosis is a very rare condition that exhibits a silent course and a favorable prognosis.

There is no consensus regarding the treatment of primary lymphoma of the bladder, owing to the lack of large patient series. A variety of therapies, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, have been favored for primary bladder lymphoma. Patients with high-grade lymphoma should be considered to have systemic disease, and, therefore, require chemotherapy. Surgical approaches can be beneficial for patients with irritative urinary symptoms. In the current patient, following resection, radiation therapy and four cycles of chemotherapy, the tumor and its related symptoms did not reappear.

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