A Reader Responds to "Fat Reduction by Topical Waist Applications May Actually Work"

Ayaz Virji, MD, FAAFP


Medscape J Med. 2008;10(4):84 

To the Editor,

Aminophylline is a methylxanthine inhibitor and has a beta- mimetic effect on adipocytes. B3 receptors on adipocytes are lipolytic when stimulated. So, the mechanism of action makes sense. Aminophylline is a common compound found in many mesotherapy formulas for spot fat reduction. A similar article was published by Greenway and Bray in the 1980s showing similar results on women's thighs.[1] Be cautious, though: There is no panacea for obesity. The cream, like the aminophylline found in mesotherapy lipodissolve, will only work on subcutaneous fat, not the dangerous visceral fat responsible for escalating risk for CAD [coronary artery disease], diabetes, and cancer. Aminophylline may be useful for body contouring for people with a BMI [body mass index] of 30 or less, but in no way should be considered a weight loss treatment.[2]

Ayaz Virji, MD, FAAFP
Board Certified, Family Medicine
Board Certified, Bariatric Medicine
Board Certified, Amer Board Phys Nutr Specialists


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