Osteoprotective Knowledge in a Multiethnic Epilepsy Population

John O. Elliott, MPH; Brenda F. Seals, PhD, MPH; Mercedes P. Jacobson, MD


J Neurosci Nurs. 2008;40(1):14-24. 

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Overall, this study contributes to the understanding of patient knowledge related to bone loss in people with epilepsy. Age and gender appear to have little impact on knowledge related to osteoporosis when compared with such socioeconomic factors as ethnicity, years of education, and yearly income. People with epilepsy had significantly lower levels of knowledge about risk factors, dietary calcium, and exercise patterns related to osteoporosis when compared with previous studies of nonepilepsy populations using the same questionnaire. These knowledge deficiencies are even more apparent in non-Caucasian populations. Minority status may place people at a disadvantage for adopting prevention recommendations related to exercise and calcium. Osteoprotective educational messages need to be tailored to multiethnic populations for maximum impact.