Bioidentical Hormones for Menopausal Therapy

Cynthia K Sites


Women's Health. 2008;4(2):163-171. 

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Patient Beliefs Regarding Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for Menopause

Few surveys exist to determine patients" beliefs regarding compounded hormones and the types of compounded hormones in use. In one report, a survey at a local compounding pharmacy among 82 women discovered that approximately half of the patients believed the term "natural" meant plant-derived and not synthesized. Furthermore, most believed bioidentical hormone therapy had fewer or no risks and adverse effects and was equally or more effective than conventional hormone therapy for menopause symptom relief.[5] This survey is interesting in that it occurred before the results of the Women"s Health Initiative were published. However, it is likely biased because it was conduced at a compounding pharmacy. Further studies are needed to assess beliefs about compounded hormones for menopause symptoms since the Women"s Health Initiative findings were published.


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