Bioidentical Hormones for Menopausal Therapy

Cynthia K Sites


Women's Health. 2008;4(2):163-171. 

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Future Perspective

Compounded hormones provide a unique method for patients to acquire the exact drug they need in the exact dose when it is not commercially available. When produced by pharmacies producing a large volume and using good compounding practice, these drugs may be safe and effective. Currently, for menopausal symptoms, FDA-approved products containing estradiol and progesterone are available in a variety of doses and utilize various routes of administration. Owing to increased quality control of FDA-approved bioidentical hormones, these should be favored over compounded hormones for menopause symptoms if available in the dose required. In the future, FDA-approved transdermal testosterone may be available in the USA similar to its current availability in Europe for menopausal women with a reduced sexual desire. This author believes that new FDA-approved products delivering bioidentical hormones as transdermal gels and creams will become popular in the future, reducing the need for compounded products. These products will produce constant, low levels of natural hormones required to reduce menopausal symptoms, with proven endometrial safety profiles.


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