Bioidentical Hormones for Menopausal Therapy

Cynthia K Sites


Women's Health. 2008;4(2):163-171. 

In This Article

Addition of DHEA to Menopausal Therapy

Owing to DHEA decreasing with age, DHEA has been added as a supplement to other hormones for menopausal women.[42] These supplements are not regulated by the FDA. Restoring youthful levels of DHEA has been reported to improve the sense of well being and increase libido, but these findings have been inconsistent.[42] In addition, there is little safety information available with regard to DHEA supplementation. High DHEA levels have been linked to breast cancer, possibly caused by the conversion of DHEA to estrogens.[43] More studies involving longer time periods of use and larger numbers of menopausal women are needed before DHEA can be recommended.


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